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Google CEO Larry Page made a somewhat rare public appearance this week speaking with CBS’s Charlie Rose at the TED ideas conference in Vancouver. During the conversation, Page expressed his ‘tremendous’ disappointment in the government using the NSA to conduct surveillance in secret and how that affects democracy. He noted the importance of having a conversation about privacy and democracy as Google tries to protect its users’ privacy as we share more and more information. (Video below)

Notably, Page discussed the idea of having medical records available publicly on an anonymous basis to aid doctors and researchers in studying medical issues and solutions.

Earlier this week, Wired published a report earlier this week quoting Page (complete transcript here) expressing his desire to leave his fortunes to a businessman rather than a charity:

Rose asked him about a sentiment that Page had apparently voiced before that rather than leave his fortune to a cause, that he might just give it to Elon Musk. Page agreed, calling Musk’s aspiration to send humans to Mars “to back up humanity” a worthy goal. “That’s a company, and that’s philanthropical,” he said.

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One Response to “Video: Larry Page discusses NSA, privacy, healthcare at TED conference”

  1. DId Charlie Rose ask Larry Page about Google’s own spying, gathering bank and email data with their street view vehicles? Or hasn’t Charlie learned how to really interview yet?