privacy Stories June 24, 2019

A bipartisan push for a new US law could see companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon having to state exactly how much your data is worth.

Consumers would be better able to understand how much privacy they were sacrificing to use free services if the value of the data used by the companies was made explicit …

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privacy Stories December 31, 2018

A study of 34 of the most popular Android apps found that at least 20 of them are sending user data to Facebook without consent.

The data transmitted ranges from the innocuous to the sensitive – such as whether the user has children – and is likely to be illegal in the case of European citizens …

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privacy Stories October 24, 2018

Privacy is a huge concern on the internet in 2018, and Google is high on the list of companies that have a lot of data on users. Google has made plenty of tools available to help users control data, but today the company is announcing some new options that make it easier to control and delete your Google data directly within the company’s own products.

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privacy Stories October 1, 2018

Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee wants to give us control over our personal data

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, has announced that he has put most of his work on hold to develop a way for web users to regain control of their personal data.

The concept, first developed at MIT, is known as Solid. A Solid POD is effectively a secure repository for all our personal data, and from there we can choose what access to grant to other companies and apps …

privacy Stories September 3, 2018

An international network of intelligence agencies has told the tech industry that ‘privacy is not an absolute’ and that the use of end-to-end encryption ‘should be rare’ …

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privacy Stories August 27, 2018

Industry body representing Google and others actively lobbying for federal privacy law

California may have found the perfect way to get tech giants to support a federal privacy law: show that the alternative could be an inconsistent mess of state-by-state laws.

An industry lobbying group whose members include Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Samsung and others has been ‘aggressively’ lobbying the White House to argue the case for a federal law, reports the New York Times

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