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Samsung’s smartphones might be selling like gangbusters, but consumers don’t seem to care much for the company’s homegrown app suite, according to a new report. Research firm Strategy Analytics recently polled over 250 Galaxy S3 and S4 users and concluded that Samsung device users spent around seven minutes a month using their phone’s pre-installed bloatware.

In comparison, GS3 and GS4 owners used Facebook for around 11 hours per month alone. Samsung’s S Voice software averaged less than five minutes of monthly use across both devices, however the least used of Samsung’s native applications was the company’s ChatOn messaging service. It only averaged six seconds of use per month, which means that a large portions of its users could have accidentally launched the app.

Despite their lack of popularity, most of Samsung’s pre-installed apps cannot be uninstalled without a serious workaround or the purchase of a Google Play Edition device. There’s no denying that Samsung has sold a lot of smartphones, but the company may want to revise some of its software or at least give consumers the option to remove unwanted applications from their devices.

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2 Responses to “Study suggests Samsung smartphone owners avoid pre-installed apps like the plague”

  1. frankman91 says:

    Oh COMPLETELY agree.

    I have a S3 and wife has an S4 and they came with so much bs preloaded from Samsung on them; all of which I was unable to delete without rooting. Making it worse still they were through Verizon so they stuck even more garbage on them than Samsung did.

    Like I want to pay $5 a month to use VZnavigator in place of the far superior and free Google Maps.

    Definitely one thing (and probably only thing) that I envy iPhones for, no garbage carrier apps installed.

  2. For sure. I have yet to see one application from Samsung that is actually useful. They all do the same thing that most of the Google native applications do. Even the WatchOn application is useless since it crashes all the time. It’s upsetting that it’s a great hardware platform but this Note 3 will be my last Samsung phone.