Google has reportedly just lost its lead electrical engineer working on Google Glass to virtual reality company Oculus VR, which was recently purchased by Facebook for approximately $2 billion. Adrian Wong is still listing Google X, Google’s division that gave birth to Glass and many other experimental projects, as his employer on Google+, but TechCrunch claims they’ve confirmed the departure with sources. He’s also since confirmed his new position at Oculus on his LinkedIn page (pictured above). 

Google is yet to comment on the move, which sees one of its lead engineers on the Google Glass project moving to a company that’s developing a similar wearable product that could be competition for Glass once both products eventually make it to market.

We’ve reached out to Google but have not yet heard back.

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One Response to “Google Glass lead engineer Adrian Wong leaves for Facebook’s Oculus VR”

  1. storageous says:

    Very interesting – wonder what FB have in store for him