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A few months ago, the producer of The Daily Show got in contact with me and asked if I could pull together a few people who would be a good fit for a taping related to Google Glass that the show was going to do in San Francisco. I put him in touch with four Glass Explorers located in the area, and the video you’ll find after the break was the result.

Knowing that Jason Jones is known for nothing but slapstick humor and that Google Glass doesn’t exactly have the most accurate representation in the media right now, I expected nothing less than complete mockery of the device. So I made sure that the right people, in this case Glass Explorers Steven Mautone, Cecilia Abadie, E John Feig, and Keith Achorn (all residents of southern California), would get a chance to defend the device.

And what resulted was exactly what I expected. A couple of other people were pulled in who had some of the more sensationalized stories, and those people were given the most air time. I’ll let you judge it for yourself, but the facts are that, in the name of humor or not, Glass didn’t exactly get a fair representation. But I can’t be too mad; the bit is pretty funny.

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2 Responses to “Google Glass gets slammed by Jason Jones of The Daily Show (Video)”

  1. Winski says:

    Humm… Glass-holes getting dropped off buildings… WHO would have thunk …. Jones in a palatable manner ripped the Glass-holes a new hole they can poke with charcoal.

  2. jrox16 says:

    Fantastic clip. People have to wake up, this constant connection to technology is getting to be a new mental sickness. “You already have an interface between you and the real world, it’s called your eyes.” – LOL, priceless.