Following its recent acquisition of Aviate, Yahoo has relaunched the company’s home screen replacement software today. Rebranded as Yahoo Aviate Launcher, the app is now out of beta and introduces some new features like Favorite People, which automatically places your most popular contacts into a list of favorites for fast access. To place a call or send a text, simply swipe upward from your device’s home screen.

Yahoo’s reimagined launcher also ships with a daily habits feature that keeps tabs on your regularly used software, such as your alarm clock, calendar, weather app and news reports. Like your favorites, everything is accessible from a simple swipe.

Based on tech developed by Incredible Labs (another recent Yahoo acquisition), this new version of Aviate uses “machine learning and predictive technologies” to anticipate a person’s needs. For a quick look at Yahoo Aviate in action, check out the promo video below, however if you’re already sold on this new software, it’s now available to download from Google Play.

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