Yahoo! Stories October 1, 2019

Yahoo brings its video app to Android TV

Yahoo just slapped a fresh coat of paint on its logo, and now the company is bringing its video app to Android TV.

Yahoo! Stories September 22, 2016

Yahoo expected to confirm hack that exposed data for ‘hundreds of millions’ of users

Re/code reports that Yahoo is expected to confirm that a hack has exposed the account details of ‘several hundred million user accounts.’

Yahoo! Stories August 8, 2016

Hulu will no longer offer free TV episodes, moves to subscription-only model

After over 9 years, Hulu is making a major change to its services by shutting down free TV episodes and moving to subscription services only (via Variety). Current subscribers won’t be affected and prices won’t be changing as the same $7.99 and $11.99 plans will be available, however all free content will be moving over to “Yahoo View.”

Yahoo! Stories May 17, 2016

Yahoo Mail for Android updated with contact syncing support, new animations, more

In addition to releasing a new iOS update, Yahoo today has also released a new version of Yahoo Mail for Android. The update greatly improves the ability to keep track of all of your contacts thanks to improved syncing capabilities and a new complete directory view.

Yahoo! Stories May 11, 2016


According to a report from Reuters, the U.S. House of Representatives’ information technology team has blocked members from accessing any services hosted by Google. The move comes in an effort to prevent hacking aimed at lawmakers and their staff. Earlier this week, Yahoo Mail was blacklisted as well in fear of ransomware infiltration.

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Yahoo! Stories March 7, 2016

Yahoo Mail update introduces new colored themes among other features

One of the reasons so many users love Android is the virtually endless customization it allows. From core modifications down to the smallest of aesthetic changes, Google‘s OS truly makes it possible for anyone to have something tailored to their needs. Among the things that are most frequently changed are the default apps for services like messaging, social media platforms and emails, among others, as well as third party clients for numerous other apps.

Yahoo’s Mail app, with well over 100 million downloads on the Play Store, can certainly be included on a list of fan-favorite email clients for Android. Today’s update will certainly make at least a few people happy, thanks to the introduction of 11 new themes for a more personalized and colorful experience, in addition to a slew of smaller but certainly welcomed features…

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