A group of about 20 men armed with submachine guns raided a factory in the Brazilian city of Campinas on Monday, escaping with approximately $36 million in stolen Samsung products. Among the items looted included smartphones, tablets and notebooks, although no specific models were identified. It is unknown if Samsung owned the factory, or simply stored product there. 

According to ZDNet, the covert mission happened right before the eyes of more than 200 employees performing their normal duties. The thieves entered the factory during the night shift, disguised as staff, and loaded up seven trucks with the stolen products. While some employees were held hostage during the heist, the report claims that the majority of others continued working.

The thieves removed the batteries from worker cell phones so that they could not contact the police, allowing them to carry out the operation for three hours. Brazilian authorities are now investigating the crime, and believe that it very well could be an inside job based on the thieves having access to the factory and knowledge of where valuable products were stored.

While it certainly does not justify the crime, the good news is that the thieves were not violent towards the factory workers; as a result, there were no injuries or casualties. “We are very concerned about this incident,” said Samsung in a statement. “Fortunately, nobody was hurt. We are fully cooperating with the ongoing police investigation, and we will do our best to avoid it happening again.”

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9 Responses to “Samsung factory robbed at gunpoint, $36 million in smartphones, tablets and laptops stolen”

  1. Rick Wilson says:

    I think i would rather go steal diapers and coffee from the local dump. Same shit!

  2. Either:

    • it’s really easy to get submachine guns in Brazil (i.e. much harder than in the US where it is already very very difficult), or
    • reporter or translator doesn’t know what a submachine gun is

    • Joe Rossignol says:

      The use of submachine guns comes from the original report behind this story at ZDNet.

      • You could have at least admitted that you used a term you did not understand, instead of phrasing it like it was ZDNet’s fault. ;) After all you as the author have some sort of responsibility regarding the informational integrity of the content.

      • Joe Rossignol says:

        Jack, no official source has claimed that submachine guns were not used. Nobody is at fault at this point.

    • It is really easy to get submachine guns in Brazil (And other military grade weapons) as long as you’re well connected.

  3. I’m glad no one was hurt, but that is just almost too amazing to hear about. That’s something you definitely see on some made up television program. I agree that it very well could be an inside job, the Brazilian authorities sure do have one helluva crime on their hands.