Native editing is coming to the Google Docs app for Android, in addition to “lots and lots of improvements”

Members of the Google Docs team have revealed some interesting new features slated for an upcoming revision of Google’s online office suite which is due soon. Product managers Scott Johnston, Jeff Harris and Ronald Ho plus engineer DJ Lee and community manager Teresa Wu described some of the new features in a Q&A session with Reddit readers (via Business Insider). For starters, .txt previews are coming back to Google Docs. Next, cloud printing via Cloud Print will be supported across platforms and through browsers other than Google’s own Chrome. Go past the break for more new stuff, including Cloud Connect, offline editing and Android app improvements.

The Microsoft Office Cloud Connect plug-in will allow you to work with cloud documents just as easily as with local Microsoft Office files, no need to invite collaborators via email anymore. Offline support, earlier offered via the Google Gears plug-in, is coming back as well. This feature has been redone in HTML5 so it should work with any modern browser. And last, but not the least, the Android app will gain native editing (today, the app requires you to edit documents in Android’s browser).

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