long-rumored refresh of Amazon’s Kindle Fire line was outed by Staple CEO Demos Parneros. According to a Reuters report, the CEO expects to see “five or six tablet SKUs” in Staples’ system shortly, including a larger 10-inch model. Amazon is rumored to release a new line of Fires as early as the end of the month, but it may be reloading with the success of the ASUS/Google Nexus 7.

One of those SKUs may also refer to a phone that is also rumored to be coming from the retail giant.

Meanwhile, Amazon has been busy building out its already extensive ecosystem with Social Gaming hooks.

It has not been discussed much at length, but I would also expect Amazon to be working on a HDTV-type of device that would play its movie and Prime selection. It could also go up against the Apple TV and Google TVs of the world.

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