A trip over to the Google Play Store today yields a very disconcerting message for those who were hoping to get a 16GB Nexus 7. The purchase option has been replaced by a “Sign up to be notified by email when Nexus 7 (16GB) becomes available.”

The Guardian said Google simply ran out of the 16GB version. Mountain View, according to the publication, has none left, while a ramping up ASUS will not have new units until at least a few weeks out.

The 8GB version is still up for sale and expects to ship in three to five days. I guess folks are being old-fashioned and want to keep their media local.

The reason? Overwhelming demand that far outstripped Google’s expectations. It is next to impossible to find in the United Kingdom, and things are hit/miss even in the United States. eBay is already taking advantage by selling the Nexus 7 at premiums up to and over $100.

Welcome to the combination of supply chain logistics/successful products at Google.

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