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Oh, Microsoft, is your budget like $500 for these ads?

Even though the Redmond, Wash.-based company admitted it is spending “seven figures” to revive its Google smear campaign, this latest Scroogled edition for Valentine’s Day looks extremely budgeted.

Microsoft’s “Happy Valentine’s Day from Outlook.com” ad depicts the Gmail Man opening and reading love letters and sticking random coupons in the envelopes based on key words in the letters, where as it shows The Outlook postman discretely delivering all letters without looking inside.

Microsoft asked viewers at the end of the ad, “Don’t want Google snooping on your Valentine?” It then recommended they go to www.scroogled.com to tell Google to stop combing through Gmail and selling ads.

Yeah. Check out the “pricey” animation work above.

Microsoft loves to launch ad campaigns against its No. 1 enemy, Google. It published a similar Scroogled ad during the holidays, called “Don’t Get Scroogled,” that places the Google Shopping experience under a microscope.

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