Google announced today that it is rolling out some big enhancements for Google+ notifications on the web and mobile devices. The biggest of which is notification sync, meaning when you clear a Google+ notification on one device it will automatically be marked as read on all your other devices:

– When you read a notification on one device, we’ll mark it as read on your other devices – Likewise: dismissing a notification (with a swipe or a click) does so everywhere, so you can say goodbye to annoying repeats

Other enhancements to notifications on both desktop and mobile include a new bell icon to see unread notifications and “An updated notifications tray that separates unread from previously-read items.”

Google is also updating its Google+ Android app today with the above improvements to notifications and a few other new features:

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– You can now delete your photos from the Photos view – Tapping into a post shows the number of +1’s, comments and reshares – The left-hand menu design is now more consistent with other Google apps

The new notifications will be available on Android starting today and roll out to web and iOS devices soon.