As Verizon unveiled their shiny new concept store at Mall of America today, the company “accidentally” leaked the upcoming pricing of the HTC One Max. According to Nick Gray at HTC Source who was in attendance at the event, the image was displayed on a “massive interactive touch-screen” that featured both the device and the price.

As the image indicates, Verizon and its horribly placed logo will sell the One Maxx for $299 with a two-year agreement or $24.99 on Verizon’s EDGE early upgrade program.¬†Seriously, why did HTC allow Verizon to place that logo right smack in the bottom of the handset? Le sigh…even as we wait for Verizon to announce official launch details and pricing, I’m not sure I can ever get over the placement of that logo.

Why Verizon, why?

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