HTC Stories March 20

HTC has been pretty quiet for the past several months in the smartphone space, but as we approach the debut of the upcoming HTC U12+, the company is launching two new mid-range options in the Desire family…

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HTC Stories March 6

There’s a whole lot we don’t know about what HTC has in store for us in 2018, but details on the company’s upcoming flagship, the HTC U12, have slowly been hitting the web recently. After a spec sheet was revealed earlier this week, we’re now getting some hints at what to expect in the design department.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

HTC Stories February 23

HTC announces U.S. ’employee reductions’ as smartphone and VR divisions merge

Last week, news emerged that HTC’s president of smartphones was leaving the company. That departure now appears to have been a precursor to wider U.S. layoffs announced today as HTC’s smartphone and VR divisions are being merged.

HTC Stories February 14

HTC’s president of smartphones departs the company ahead of eventual U12 launch

HTC’s smartphone division has certainly seen better times over the years. Despite making great smartphones, sales have been continually declining, and now the company’s president of that division is jumping ship.

HTC Stories January 29

Just before the October 4th event last year, Google made waves when it announced a $1.1 billion partial acquisition of HTC’s smartphone division. On Tuesday, hardware head Rick Osterloh revealed that the deal is officially complete.

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HTC Stories January 12

In November, HTC announced the mid-range U11 life and upgraded U11+ to complement the U11 released earlier in 2017. Rumors suggested that the company would round out the year with an additional device and a new leak today fully reveals the HTC U11 EYEs.

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