HTC Stories July 6

HTC sees its biggest sales drop in over 2 years, down 68% in June

HTC is really not in a great place right now. Just a week after announcing it would slash 1,500 jobs from its workforce, the company is reporting its biggest sales drop in over 2 years.

HTC Stories July 2

HTC is laying off 1,500 employees as sales and revenue continue to decline

HTC has announced today that, amid financial troubles, the company will be laying off a huge portion of its workforce in Taiwan.

HTC Stories June 21

How to take a screenshot on the HTC U12+

As the U12+ doesn’t have traditional power and volume buttons, HTC had to get creative when it came to taking screenshots on the phone. Here are two ways to capture things on your screen.

HTC Stories June 20

How to set up Edge Sense on the HTC U12+

With the U12+, HTC went all in on the phone’s pressure-sensitive sides. So to get the most out of your new phone, here’s how to set up the HTC U12+’s Edge Sense.

HTC Stories May 28

It’s common at this point for devices to lack a headphone jack, but generally speaking, those devices still include an adapter in the box to use 3.5mm headphones over the USB-C charging port. Apparently, though, the HTC U12+ will be one of the first that won’t.

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HTC Stories May 23

After a few months of leaks and speculation, HTC officially unveiled its latest flagship Android smartphone overnight in the new U12+.  The company has a lot of work to do catching up with the competition, but things are definitely looking up with what’s been brought to the table…

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