HTC Stories May 28

It’s common at this point for devices to lack a headphone jack, but generally speaking, those devices still include an adapter in the box to use 3.5mm headphones over the USB-C charging port. Apparently, though, the HTC U12+ will be one of the first that won’t.

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HTC Stories May 23

After a few months of leaks and speculation, HTC officially unveiled its latest flagship Android smartphone overnight in the new U12+.  The company has a lot of work to do catching up with the competition, but things are definitely looking up with what’s been brought to the table…

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HTC Stories May 21

We’re just a couple of days away from the debut of HTC’s next flagship, but in the final hours, the company has mistakenly revealed everything there is to know on its very own website…

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HTC Stories May 17

We’re just a couple of weeks away from the debut of the HTC U12+, and leading up to the launch we’ve heard a lot about this phone. Today, one of the biggest leaks yet is giving us a new look at the design, as well as a huge list of specifications…

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HTC Stories May 15

At a blockchain conference today, HTC announced a new concept Android phone that is optimized for the blockchain. The HTC Exodus comes amidst the Google acquihire of two thousands employees, while the company’s primary lead is now in virtual reality with the Vive.

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HTC Stories May 3

HTC has been eerily quiet when it comes to smartphones for the past several months, but we’ve known for quite a while that the company has a new flagship in the works. Today, HTC has finally given us a date when we’ll see that new device – May 23rd.

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