HTC Stories July 17

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OEMs partnering with third-party Android keyboard options to provide a better typing experience is nothing new. We’ve seen it since the early days of Android, and HTC has been open to these kinds of partnerships. Recently, however, the company’s partnership with TouchPal has been in hot water.

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HTC Stories July 4

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HTC’s latest effort in the flagship space, the U11, has launched to rave reviews. To stay in the game, HTC needs to follow that with another winner and today a well-known and reliable HTC tipster is claiming to have some further insight on the company’s next smartphone.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

HTC Stories June 23

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Over the last several years, HTC has lost most of its Android market share, especially in the US. Even though the phones that the company produces have been high quality and have top of the line specs, many have just lost interest. This year, though, HTC is shaking things up with a new design and a new feature called Edge Sense.

Are you interested at all in the upcoming Edge Sense features? If so, which ones?

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There are a lot of core aspects that make up a good phone, and HTC’s latest U11 definitely nails those. However, when you’re going past that, you’re left with gimmicks. The biggest of those is headlined by the “Edge Sense” feature that performs actions when you physically squeeze your phone. Today, HTC is teasing a few more actions for Edge Sense that are coming to the U11 “soon.”

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HTC Stories June 21

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Sketchy references found in HTC U11 reveal possible codenames for HTC-made Pixel 2

On the HTC side, last year’s Pixel and Pixel XL were internally codenamed S1 and M1, respectively. With HTC widely assumed to be manufacturing at least one Pixel device this year, possible codenames have surfaced and point to the use of a Snapdragon 835 processor and unlocked configuration.

HTC Stories May 16

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HTC took to the stage this morning to unveil the company’s latest flagship smartphone: the HTC U11. Although highly leaked, HTC announced that the smartphone has more to offer than previously believed. This includes a higher rated camera than the Google Pixel, Amazon Alexa built-in, and more…

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