HTC Stories October 9

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It feels as though we’ve been hearing about HTC’s “upcoming” debut Android Wear smartwatch for years now, but we’ve never actually seen a release. At one point the company teamed up with Under Armor to create a fitness tracker, but now new images are coming out of China to show us the HTC “Halfbeak” smartwatch (via TechTastic)…

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HTC Stories September 25

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Google has new hardware to debut at its October 4th event, but as we’ve learned recently the most important part of the event may not lie in hardware, but in software. We now know that Google’s long-rumored Android/Chrome OS hybrid operating system is internally called “Andromeda,” but we’ve been doing some digging of our own over the last couple of days to see if we could learn more.

We don’t know if it will ever formally come to the almost two-year-old tablet, but we’ve heard that Google is testing the yet-to-be announced hybrid OS on the HTC-made Nexus 9…

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HTC Stories September 21

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HTC may have just unveiled its renewed Desire lineup, but it looks like that won’t be it for the company this year. Well, at least not for Sprint customers in the US, which may find a shiny new flagship device in the carrier’s stores in the not too distant future…

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HTC Stories September 20

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Earlier today, Evan Blass (otherwise known as @evleaks) shared a link to a concept video done by longtime HTC designer Danelle Vermeulen. Now pulled from the site (but embedded below), the concept showed a phone called “HTC Ocean” that seemed to have a really nifty feature called “Sense Touch”. This feature would allow you to touch the phone’s edge to control various functions on the screen, and it’s a really cool idea.

This got a lot of people excited since Google is prepping to launch its HTC-made Pixel phone, and the device in the concept definitely shares a bit of resemblance. And if not coming to the Pixel, could this feature be coming to HTC’s assumably forthcoming HTC 11 flagship? Unfortunately, probably not…

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At this morning’s “Be Edgier” event, HTC took the wraps off of two new mid-tier devices: the Desire 10 Pro and Desire 10 Lifestyle. The Desire line has consisted of affordable devices that play on their flagship’s general appearance but with fewer premium materials and lower specs. With the Desire 10 Pro and Lifestyle, it looks like HTC just might be trying to step up their game…

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HTC Stories September 7

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Apple stepped up. Today it announced the iPhone 7, the first true successor to the iPhone 6 that launched in 2014. While many expected this to be yet another “tock” (think iPhone 6SE) update offering little more than incremental improvements and an almost indistinguishable design, Apple instead brought a slew of substantial enhancements to the device and introduced a new glossy black design that even convinces me that the phone is deserving of its whole integer naming bump.

Most of what Apple introduced with the iPhone 7 is admittedly catchup — they’re features that Android OEMs have been offering for months (or in some cases, years). Headphone jack removal, waterproofing, dual-cameras, stereo speakers, and 32GB base storage have all been done on Android handsets. The iPhone 7 does, however, pack a lot of these features into an overall package that’s undeniably polished and backs them up with raw power enhancements under the hood…

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