During its press conference at Mobile World Congress today and fresh off news that the company is being purchased by Lenovo, Motorola unveiled some of its upcoming product plans including an ETA for the next-generation Moto X. The company confirmed during a Q&A session that the “next version of Moto X” will arrive sometime in “late Summer.” The news comes alongside plans to expand availability of its current smartphone lineup and the Moto Maker customization tool for Moto X customers. 

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The company also has plans to expand availability of Moto Maker, the website that allows U.S. customers to order a Moto X with thousands of different customization options. Sometime in the second quarter of this year the company will bring Moto Maker to Europe and Mexico with the UK being the first country that will have access outside the US.

When asked if the Lenovo deal meant it would now consider using other operating systems, Motorola said “We’d have to compromise if we spread across ecosystems. We’ll continue to focus on Android.”

In addition to a new Moto X coming sometime this summer, the company also announced that the current Moto X will arrive in India and Australia in the next few weeks.

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