What’s cooler than using Google Glass to plan your next vacation? How about saving lives? Firefighters in Amsterdam are in the process of reviewing Google’s famous wearable tech for use on the job. A crew recently put together a concept video showing examples of Glass being used to check safety equipment, identify a vehicle involved in an auto accident and the process of guiding a fireman through using the jaws of life.

While the video takes place in a controlled environment, it does a decent job of showing some of the potential real world benefits of Glass. Take a look a what could someday be the firefighter of the future.

[protected-iframe id=”ddbc7ca3acc484e390293a6f575e541f-22427743-12354044″ info=”http://media.zie.nl/e/?v=ggizzjzfoc61″ width=”480″ height=”300″]

(via NuTech)

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