Google recently started selling its Nest Thermostat at its Play Store, but after acquiring the climate controlling device’s parent company for $3.2 billion, Mountain View appears to be ready to expand its brand and it’ll need some new talent to make this happen. Right now the careers section of the Nest website has plethora of job openings for engineers that could be filled by folks from Beaverton, Oregon… Beaverton, Oregon?

Yes, that’s the home of Nike’s recently disbanded Fuel Band team and according to TechCrunch, Google’s Nest division recently held on the spot interviews at a local hotel’s conference room. Pictured above is a purported flyer that was handed out to attendees who worked on the Fuel Band as they were encouraged to learn more about Nest.

While it’s great to hear that Google could be reaching out to some of Nike’s castaways, this offer does come with a bit of a tradeoff. Employees on the Nest team are reportedly required to work from the company’s Palo Alto office, so people would have to relocate if an opportunity was offered.

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