Nest Stories December 5

Back in November, YouTube finally returned to the Echo Show as a basic web wrapper of the desktop site. Today, tensions between Google and Amazon have escalated, resulting in the removal of YouTube from the screened Echo device and more critically the Fire TV line of streaming devices

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Nest Stories November 30

Google and Nest have a close relationship with the latter demoing Home/Assistant integration at the former’s major October 4h hardware event. Given this, Alphabet is now reportedly considering a merger of Nest into Google’s purview and specifically Rick Osterloh’s hardware division.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Nest Stories November 8

Nest Secure leveraging T-Mobile for cellular backup service, will be sold in retail stores

Back in September, Nest unveiled its first home security system. Set to launch this week, the Nest Secure will use T-Mobile in the U.S. as the “exclusive cellular backup provider,” with retail stores also selling the system as part of a bundle.

Nest Stories October 3

Nest Cam IQ: Incoming update will include more accurate person alerts, full duplex audio, more

The Cam IQ is Nest’s top-of-the-line 4K security camera, capable of zooming in and following objects when it detects motion. While it’s set to receive Google Assistant functionality later this year, Nest has just emailed Cam IQ owners about three new features coming to the security camera in the next several days or weeks…

Nest Stories October 2

Ring, the company behind the popular video doorbells, has announced its latest product, a security system called “Ring Protect”. The new product will go head to head with Nest’s new “Secure” system, although Ring has priced its new product significantly below Nest.

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Nest Stories September 20

After several weeks of teasing, Nest finally unveiled several new products that really bring it into the world of smart home security. These products include the 4K-capable Cam IQ Outdoor, Hello video doorbell, and Nest Secure which includes home security monitoring with the use of an array of sensors and dongles.

Are any of Nest’s newest smart home products going to end up in your shopping cart?

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