Nest Stories August 18

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Following Tony Fadell’s departure last year, new CEO Marwan Fawaz reiterated that Nest has a long-term roadmap, with plans to scale up and reach more customers. While their recently released Nest Cam IQ is not the best example of a mass market product, a new leak suggests that the company is working on a more affordable version of their thermostat.

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Nest Stories June 28

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Connected security cameras are becoming more and more common these days, with the highest priority being remote access to your video feed via your smartphone. There are a number of good security cameras on the market, and Nest has always been one of the top players. The Alphabet-owned company’s latest product, the Cam IQ, adds a 4K sensor and even more smart functionality, but its $100 premium over Nest’s other models might not feel justified to everyone.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Nest Stories June 23

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According to Recode, Nest has lost its long-time head of industrial design. Overseeing a number of products since 2013, including the recently announced Nest Cam IQ, Rocky Jacob is leaving for European luxury brand LVMH.

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Nest Stories May 31

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Nest has today announced Nest Cam IQ, the latest in its lineup of home security cameras and the new indoor offering to beat from the Alphabet-owned maker of smarthome products. The camera packs new higher-quality video, much more powerful speakers, a crisp and clean new design, and built-in security features. Overall, as the name suggests, it’s just smarter and better…

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Nest Stories May 22

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Nest, an Alphabet-owned company, is known for its high-tech smart home devices — like its thermostat and smoke detector. In particular its descendants-of-Dropcam home WiFi security cameras have been popular for the last couple years, thanks to being extremely user-friendly. Now, Nest is reportedly prepping to release a 4K indoor security camera to add a new option to the top of the lineup…

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Nest Stories April 13

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Latest Nest app update includes Google Smart Lock, new notification settings, more

The latest version of the Nest application, version, is currently rolling out with a bunch of new features. These new changes include Google Smart Lock, better settings for enabling notifications, and a “Works with Nest” section that showcases compatible smart home devices…

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