The Samsung Galaxy S5’s camera is a major selling point for the company’s new flagship smartphone, however a newly discovered bug may soon turn would-be buyers away from the device. There have been several reports across the web documenting an issue with the handset’s shooter — most notably its Verizon version  — that completely breaks the phone’s camera.

If you’ve been hit with the fatal bug, you’ll receive a “camera failure” error message and your Galaxy S5’s camera will be completely dead. The cause of this issue has yet to be determined, but Verizon and Samsung are acknowledging the problem. The wireless carrier recently took to its official Twitter account advising affected customers to contact its technical support for assistance with the issue.

As for Samsung itself, the company recently told The Verge that it has learned that a limited number of Galaxy S5s are experiencing the camera failure issue. The company is directing troubled Galaxy S5 owners to its customer support number (1-888-987-4357) to exchange their defective handset under warranty.

If you recently picked up a new Galaxy S 5, let us know how its camera is holding up.

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