The forthcoming update for Minecraft Pocket Edition is said to be the game’s biggest patch to date and judging by developer Mojang’s recent blog post, there’s a whole lot of change on the world builder’s docket. Some of the new features for this mega-release include: unlimited worlds, a new culling algorithm, updated falling mechanics for gravel and sand, along with new insta ticking for water and lava.

Pocket-sized adventurers will also be treated to over two dozen new blocks like Emerald, Granite, Andesite, Cocoa and Podzol. Furthermore, the 0.9.0 update ships with five new mobs: Slimes, Endermen, Wolves, Mooshrooms and Silverfish. The new and improved game isn’t quite ready for mass consumption, however Android users can join the Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta community and sign up for its beta program, to test things out.

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