games Stories June 18, 2018

World Health Organization to announce ‘gaming disorder’ as a mental health condition

At a time when there’s increasing focus on ‘digital health’ – ensuring that usage of devices like smartphones doesn’t take over our lives – gaming addiction is to be officially classified as a disease …

games Stories March 7, 2018

Gigantic dinosaurs may soon be roaming the planet once again — at least on Android and iOS. Universal Studios and Montreal-based video game company Ludia have teamed up to create Jurassic World Alive. The title is a new augmented reality game launching this spring, and the premise is similar to Niantic’s Pokémon GO.

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games Stories December 7, 2017

Google today launched a new initiative to bring more inclusivity into mobile gaming. “Change the Game” conducted interesting research into how women play and the real-world effects that a gender gap has on games. In turn, Google is planning diversity programs, partnerships, and research throughout 2018, starting by highlighting games on the Play Store.

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games Stories November 29, 2017

X-Files game coming to Android and iOS in February, alongside season 11 of TV show

Hard to believe, but next year will be the 25th anniversary of The X-Files. To celebrate the event, and the premiere of season 11 of the TV show in January, a new mobile game will be launched the following month.

games Stories November 9, 2017

South Park: Phone Destroyer Android game launched, with in-app purchases up to $70

We first saw a trailer for the first proper smartphone South Park game back in June. The freemium game South Park: Phone Destroyer is now available for free download – though with some expensive in-app purchase options …

games Stories July 24, 2017

Developers have long paid much closer attention to Apple’s platform due to the sole fact that people are more likely to fork over cash on an iPhone compared to most Android devices. Now, new data is showing that the gap is finally closing, at least on some devices.

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