Former Formula One boss, Max Mosley has filed a lawsuit against Google due to the search giant’s continued publishing of less than flattering photos of him with prostitutes at a sex party. In 2008 Mosley was awarded £60,000 in damages from a court case against News of the World after a High Court ruling. Now, the 74 year old former amateur racer is taking legal action against Google based on the company’s search engine reproducing images related to his previous case against the now defunct UK tabloid.

Mosley and his legal counsel call the continued publishing of these images is a “misuse of private information” and a violation of data protection laws. A spokesperson from Google recently told the The Telegraph that it’s worked with Mosley, taking down “hundreds” of links after receiving notification from the former president of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile’s lawyers.

This case comes shortly after the European Union Court of Justice’s controversial right to be forgotten ruling, however Mosley’s legal team says its filings are unrelated.

[Image credit: Sean Dempsey/PA]

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