Push-to-talk was a big thing about a decade ago, but nowadays Google Play is loaded with apps that simulate the once prominent tech. As a result, most wireless carriers to step away from promoting PTT support, however Verizon doesn’t seem ready to let go. Today, the company announced the availability of push-to-talk support for some of its LTE capable smartphones.

Verizon business customers using the DROID MAXX, Samsung Galaxy S5 or Casio G’zOne Commando are now able to take advantage of this service after downloading a specialized Push to Talk Plus app. The carrier’s updated PTT services introduces new features like Talker Priority that allows a conversation leader to take over a call being the only speaker everyone hears. There’s also the addition of Late Join, which lets a group talk member join a conference call already in progress. For a limited time Verizon will offer the service free of charge for the first six months of use. After that, customers will have to cough up $5 a month to keep Big Red’s push-to-talk offerings.

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