LG posted two new spots today for its G Pad series of tablets that might be the first hint the company plans to unveil the latest generation of the device early next month at IFA.

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The company first introduced its slick high-end G Pad series tablets with an 8.3-inch model during IFA in Berlin in September of last year, so we’re speculating the company might use the same venue again next month to introduce us to the latest version of the device. The company later followed up the device with 7, 8, and 10-inch variants in the G Pad series but we haven’t heard much regarding leaks for possible new models on the way.

Today’s somewhat painful ads, titled “Make a Smart Choice!”, focus on the device’s QPair feature that lets the tablets connect to an LG’s G series smartphone to receive phone calls and texts. 

We had great things to say about the device when we went hands-on at IFA last year and we’ll be on hand this year at the event in case LG is planning to introduce a new G Pad model.

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