Patent troll Beneficial Innovations is being ordered to pay up $1.3 million to Google after the company lost its case targeting Google’s DoubleClick customers. ArsTechnica reports that after suing Google and losing— Google proved that its DoubleClick customers were already covered under a license it had from Beneficial Innovations— the company will now have to pay $1.3 million for Google’s troubles:

Gilstrap ordered Google to be paid a total of just more than $1.3 million in fees. That number is down $101,324.50 from what Google had asked for, because Gilstrap found that Google wasn’t entitled to include the costs of its expert witness into the fee total.

“Beneficial went back on the terms of its own license agreement, pursuing our customers for simply using our licensed services,” said a Google spokesperson at that time.

It’s not a lot of money for Google, but it’s certainly a nice win against a patent troll that has already gone after a long list of media companies from Amazon to Viacom.

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