After first publishing its Beautiful Design Collection on Google Play last summer featuring apps handpicked by Google to show of great Android UI design, today the company has updated the collection. With some apps starting to implement UI elements based on Google’s new Material Design coming with Android “L” this fall, Google decided to update the collection to show of some of its favourite app designs:

Today, we’re refreshing the Beautiful Design collection with our latest favorite specimens of delightful design from Google Play. As a reminder, the goal of this collection is to highlight beautiful apps with masterfully crafted design details such as beautiful presentation of photos, crisp and meaningful layout and typography, and delightful yet intuitive gestures and transitions… . Some apps are even starting to incorporate elements from material design, which is great to see. We’re on the lookout for even more material design concepts applied across the Google Play ecosystem!

Apps in this year’s collection include:

  • Flight Track 5
  • Oyster
  • Gogobot
  • Lumosity
  • Vivino
  • FIFA
  • Duolingo
  • SeriesGuide
  • Spotify
  • Runtastic
  • Yahoo News Digest
  • Airbnb

Google reminds developers to take advantage of the material design spec when redesigning their apps for the next-generation of devices.

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