Google updated the Stable channel of Chrome OS today and while the new build ships with its set of token bug fixes, this revised software also introduces support for a highly requested feature. Chromebook owners can now transfer files from Android smartphones and tablets via a USB cable. After several requests, this overdue feature is now available for all Chrome OS devices, excluding Chromeboxes.

After updating your device to the latest version of Chrome OS, you’ll be able to move files via MTP just like any other mainstream desktop operating system. It may sound like a small addition, but it’s definitely an important part of Google’s plans to bridge the gap between Chrome OS and Android. Also, transferring files to or from a local device is much more efficient than moving data to the cloud.

Lastly, Google’s changelog also made mention of enhancements for touchscreen devices, however the company didn’t disclose what these new features are. So, if you happen to have a touch-friendly Chromebook, be sure to let us know if you notice any performance improvements.

(via Google)

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