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Today during its annual I/O conference, Google announced that its Chromebook platform has eight OEMs and 15 devices in 28 countries. Google says that the top 10 highest rated laptops on Amazon are all Chromebooks. The company says it’s aware that most users carry a smartphone while using their laptop and to bridge the gap between both platforms, Google is introducing a feature baked into Android’s L release that will automatically unlock your Chromebook when nearby.

Furthering the connectivity between Chromebooks and Android, the company is also adding the ability to route incoming phone calls and text messages for your smartphone to your system’s desktop. This lets you continue your conversation when moving to your laptop to get some work done. In addition to keeping you in touch with your contacts, this revised platform will support performance notifications that warn a user when their smartphone’s battery is running low.

Google says it’s working on bringing your favorite Android apps to your Chromebook in a “thoughtful manner.” In a demonstration, Sundar Pichai demonstrated applications like Evernote and Flipboard running seamlessly between an Android tablet and a Chromebook. While the demo worked fairly well, Pichai didn’t disclose when these apps will be making the move from your pocket to your desktop. At long last, Google is taking steps towards its mobile and desktop platforms.


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One Response to “Google announces new Chromebook features including Android app integration”

  1. Many people laughed when the Chromebook was first released. Well, they’re still around, and Google keeps improving them.

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