Chromebooks Stories May 16

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CTL’s J2 Chromebook has received good reviews as a popular budget option for use in the classroom. Today the company is announcing an even easier way for schools to invest in the device with a new 15-unit pack that it says will be competitive with Apple’s iPad mini bulk offers.

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Chromebooks Stories May 6

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In this week’s top stories: Our Moto G5 Plus & Keyone reviews, the best Android phones and smartwatches for May, hints at an incoming Android O beta, new Google apps and updates, and much more.  expand full story

Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Chrome OS used to be the laughing-stock of the OS wars, but today it holds a strong place in the market. Thanks to Android apps, the OS is only becoming more and more useful too. One of the hardest parts of Chrome OS, though, is picking a machine to run it on. So, let’s take a look at the best Chromebooks you can buy today…

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Chromebooks Stories April 26

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One of the most wanted features wanted on Chromebooks is the ability to run Android apps. Thankfully, Google listened and has been working to make this happen, with the Samsung Chromebook Plus being one of the first to offer the ability. Now, it looks like the Chromebook Plus is the first to receive the update to Nougat, but it is currently only available to those running the Canary build of the operating system…

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Chromebooks Stories January 25

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Dell launches trio of new Chromebooks starting at $219 [Update]

2017 is looking up for Chrome OS with a renewed focus on education, the expansion of Android apps, and tons of new hardware. Just this month we’ve seen the debut of new ‘flagship’ Chromebooks from ASUS and Samsung, as well as new models from the likes of Acer. Today, though, Dell is stepping in with three brand new Chromebooks, all designed for the education market.

Chromebooks Stories December 26, 2016

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Even with Andromeda potentially on the horizon, we’re still looking at some awesome things in the Chrome OS world. Android apps are slowly making their way to current Chromebooks, new models have recently hit the market, and even more are on the horizon. However, today we’re getting our first look at a brand new model which seems to be ASUS’ successor to the popular Chromebook Flip.

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