Chromebooks Stories July 21

Asus starts selling premium Chromebook CX9 and Chromebook Flip CX5

Following its announcement back at the virtual-CES in January, Asus has started selling its super-premium Chromebook, the CX9 and the Chromebook Flip CX5.

Chromebooks Stories July 16

If your Chromebook suddenly feels slower lately, it’s not your fault. It seems that the latest Chrome OS update, v91, is causing performance issues for some users.

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Chromebooks Stories July 15

Asus brings a collection of new Chromebooks to India w/ Celeron processors, $300 prices

Much of the explosive growth Chromebooks have experienced over the past year has come from just one market, the United States. In a bid to get more customers in on the action, though, Asus has just debuted several new Chromebooks in India that all carry affordable price tags.

Chromebooks Stories July 13

Google’s Chromebook bet paid off in a big way last year as the popularity of Chromebooks hit record highs, making Chrome OS the second-most popular desktop operating system in the world. However, that growth may slow down this year, as Chromebook makers are finding the popular low-end models “unprofitable.”

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Chromebooks Stories July 6

As Chrome OS continues to explode in popularity, Google is updating the platform with more features and bug fixes. Now, the company appears to be looking at fixing an issue that causes dramatic battery drain on Android phones using the Phone Hub feature on Chrome OS.

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Chromebooks Stories July 1

As far as third-party browsers go, there are none that are fully optimized for Chromebooks and Chrome OS, that is until now with the popular Opera Browser.

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