If you’ve been continuously trying to score an invite to purchase a OnePlus One, only to come up short, today might be your lucky day. In less than an hour (at 8AM PST), the Chinese phone maker will open up pre-orders for its elusive handset for exactly 60 minutes. While that may not be a lot of time to buy a device that’s been around for several months now, it’s still the closest thing to a normal purchase option that the startup has offered since launching its first smartphone.

OnePlus’ website is likely to get hit with a decent amount of traffic during its brief pre-order period, so if you’re interested, it’ll be a good idea to head over there now and set up your purchase in advance for a painless checkout. If you’re still on the fence about buying a OnePlus One, you can check out our complete review of the affordable “flagship killer” — that is if you’re a quicker reader. However, the short of it is that we like the phone a lot, especially for its price.

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