A new research note from KGI indicates that Xiaomi’s Android upcoming smartphone, debuting January 15th, will feature a thin new form factor that the company says will be “as thin as a cicada’s wings,” in what could potentially become the worst product simile of the year.

While Xiaomi’s previous devices have been called iPhone clones, the new device, which KGI says could be called the “Xiaomi 4S” or “Xiaomi 5” will feature a vastly improved camera over Apple’s latest models, clocking in at 13 MP and featuring optical image stabilization.

The phone is expected to sport a 5.7-inch display from Japan Display Inc. that supports an in-cell touch panel (like that of the iPhone 6) and a battery clocking in at somewhere around 3,000mAh. The new handset is said to enter mass production in February and ship between 12 million and 15 million units.

Xiaomi recently overtook LG as the third-largest smartphone maker in the world. Not content with cloning the iPhone, the company is also reportedly hard at work on a YouTube clone.

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