Samsung has posted a video of its new Galaxy S6 and S6 edge smartphones being put through drop-testing. It will come as no surprise, in a manufacturer promo video, to see that both handsets come through unscathed.

To be fair to the S6, though, it did fare well in a recent independent drop test when put up against Apple’s iPhone 6 (video below) … 


Samsung says that the Gorilla Glass 4 used in its flagship handsets is one of the toughest glasses available on mobile devices, and that the device is designed such that the shock from an impact is distributed through glass, frame and bracket to minimize the risk of damage.

Here’s the drop-test against the iPhone 6.

The S6 also did well in other impact and water-resistance videos (not quite so much in a bend test).

Update: Here’s a look at the Galaxy S6 edge “in-boxing”…

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