Hot on the heels of our report that Spotify is soon gaining Chromecast support and that Google is soon planning to launch a refreshed model, Google Play Music for Android this evening has been updated with a handful of improvements. This time around, all of the improvements focus on the improvement of Chromecast playback.

Samsung U28E590D 28-Inch 4K Monitor

First off, Google Play Music on Android no longer stops playback in between songs, making for a more seamless experience. Gapless playback is also supported of Cast now, as well. Finally with today’s update, Music now continues to play even if you turn your phone off or have to leave the party.

The full change log is below and the update itself can be downloaded from the Play Store.

We’ve completely overhauled our Chromecast integration:
  • No more stoppage of playback in between songs
  • Gapless playback support now enabled over Cast
  • Music will continue playing even if your phone turns off or if you need to leave your amazing house party (brought to you by Unexpected Best Night Ever Radio†) to pick up additional supplies

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