Google is rolling out a couple notable new features for Gmail, starting today with a new “block sender” feature on both the web and Android and a unsubscribe button coming to the Gmail app for Android.

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With the new Block Sender feature, users will now be able to easily block specific email addresses. The feature is available on the web starting today and rolling out to Android app users over the next week. Once you’ve blocked a sender, you won’t receive any emails from them, but any future mail from that sender will end up in your spam folder in the event you want to access it. You’ll also be able to unblock addresses you’ve blocked in the past.

Long available on the web, Google is rolling out an “unsubscribe” button to the Gmail Android app allowing users to opt out of mailing lists, newsletters and other reoccurring emails.

Keep an eye out for the new features on the web and Android starting today.

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