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YouTube today has shared a new video on its YouTube For Business channel that highlights the advertising opportunities that exist on the platform. The video features the popular characters from the hit TV series The Simpsons and shows Lisa using YouTube advertising to help advertise Homer’s “Mr. Plow Snow Removal” business.

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In the video, Homer’s business appeared to be doomed until Lisa took it upon herself to advertise it with a video advertisement on YouTube. Once the ad went live, Homer began receiving an endless number of calls for his business. He even is so successful that he receives the key to Springfield at the end.

The purpose of the video on YouTube’s part is to show the potential that YouTube advertising presents to small and medium businesses and highlight that it’s not just for brands with huge primetime budgets. YouTube touts that it can work for everyone if it worked for Homer:

YouTube isn’t just a place for brands with primetime budgets, it has become a powerful tool for small and medium businesses too. If it works for Homer Simpson, it can work for you. YouTube video ads help your small business succeed on the web, just like Mr. Plow.

You can watch the new video starring The Simpsons below:

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