Chrome on Mac, Window, and Linux is being updated this week to version 48. The latest update contains the usual bug fixes and improvements for the desktop browser, but mobile devices will see the bulk of the improvements. Future updates to Chrome, we’ve learned, will bring a new compression algorithm that will help the browser load faster pages and use less power on all platforms.

Chrome 48 has 37 security fixes in total from various external researchers and Google’s internal security team. As mentioned, the Android version of Chrome will see the bulk of updates in version 48, with notifications having the ability to add buttons and websites being able to present to a Chromecast or other Google Cast devices.

In efforts to address Chrome’s performance, Google has been removing unused features from the browser and announced a new “Brotli” compression algorithm that saves up to 25% more data than past releases. With less data being loaded, Chrome will be consuming fewer resources and computing power on devices. Those on the Canary build of Chrome can enable the feature now, but regular users should see the feature in version 49 of Chrome next.

Chrome for desktop is rolling out now, while updates for Chrome on Android and Chrome OS should follow shortly.

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