Unlike most routers that remain static after you purchase them, Google’s line of OnHub routers are meant to receive software updates and new features. While it launched without the standard feature of a guest Wi-Fi network, an update rolling out this week to both models remedies that…

Owners will have the ability to change the name of their guest network from the suggested one and choose a password. During setup, there is also an option to pick which connected devices on your main network guest users can have access to. For instance, adding a wireless speaker or Chromecast would allow users to stream music from their own devices. Users will be able to see what devices they have access to by going to the On.Here page when connected to the guest network.

This update will also allow users to give custom names to already connected devices for better identification. The updated Android app that enables these feature is available through the Play Store now. An update (version 7647.72.0) to the firmware’s router and iOS companion app are coming later this week.

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