As part of Music in Our Schools Month, Google has released a cool Chrome Experiments that helps kids learn about various aspects of music. The Chrome Music Lab teaches lessons on rhythm, melody, and oscillations in a neat visual and interactive way that is accessible to anybody with a phone.

The site is a collaboration between coders and musicians built using Chrome and the Web Audio API, an open web standard that allows developers to create and manipulate sound in a browser. It works great on desktops, but is geared more towards mobile devices. Many of experiments are meant to be touched and work best with a touchscreen.

There are currently a dozen experiments on the site and they do a good job of exploring and simply explaining various musical concepts. At the top right corner of each experiment is a help button that explains the concept and links to the app’s source code on GitHub. The visuals are quite cool and run as smoothly on a phone as they do on a desktop. Many of the experiments ask for access to a device’s microphone.

Google is open-sourcing the code and hopes other developers will build more experiments.

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