music Stories June 19, 2017

Jay-Z’s new album ‘4:44’ drops exclusively to Sprint and Tidal customers June 30

Following a deal with Sprint to acquire 33% of Jay-Z’s TIDAL streaming music service, today the companies announced that the first exclusive release as part of the partnership will be Jay-Z’s new album later this month. The release will be a big one, Jay-Z latest full-length album set for release at the end of this month. But it won’t exactly be a total Sprint exclusive like the company is making it seem…

music Stories June 10, 2016

amazon prime music

Reuters reports that Amazon is preparing to take on Google, Apple, Spotify and the other music streaming services with a similar, full-fledged competitive subscription music service. That would be a step up from the limited catalog of music it currently offers to subscribers of its Prime shipping service that bundles perks for various Amazon services for a monthly or yearly fee.

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music Stories April 28, 2016

YouTube on a smartphone: the company is accused of playing Goliath to small indie music labels.

Earlier this month the head of the Recording Industry Association of America, Cary Sherman, spoke out against the deals that are currently in place between record labels and YouTube. Sherman voiced her displeasure with how effective the DMCA is, as well as with the negotiation process between labels and YouTube. Now, YouTube’s head of international music partnerships Christopher Muller has shared a blog post offering his response to the complaints by the RIAA.

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music Stories April 27, 2016

Onkyo’s high-end DP-X1 media player runs Android and isn’t too expensive

When Sony released a high-end Walkman in 2015, it choose Android to run the device. Known for high-end audio equipment, Japanese company Onkyo is also using Android to power its first (via The Vergeportable media player (PMP): the DP-X1.

music Stories March 17, 2016


T-Mobile is expanding its Binge On initiative that allows users to stream content in certain apps without using up their data allowance, and with today’s update YouTube and Google Play Movies are now officially supported.

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music Stories March 9, 2016

Chrome Music Lab teaches kids about sound and shows off the power of the web

As part of Music in Our Schools Month, Google has released a cool Chrome Experiments that helps kids learn about various aspects of music. The Chrome Music Lab teaches lessons on rhythm, melody, and oscillations in a neat visual and interactive way that is accessible to anybody with a phone.

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