Earlier this week we got our first peek inside the new Galaxy S7 as our friends over at iFixit did their normal teardown of the device. Today, the repair guide site gives us a look inside the device’s sibling with a teardown of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

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Of course the teardown doesn’t find many differences from the teardown of the S7, which shares much of the same design and internal components apart from the curved edge display and some other minor differences. “Inside, the two devices feature the same camera, flash, general construction, and even antenna positions (although those squiggles are slightly different).” It did, however, find the 3,600 mAh battery on the S7 Edge, 20% bigger than the 3,000 mAh battery in the S7.

iFixit notes that the camera bump on the device is noticeably reduced versus the previous generation due to the “extra 0.7 mm of thickness on the S7 Edge.” It also points out that “battery is no longer trapped under the motherboard” like it was with the previous generation. But that’s pretty much where the positives end. 

Overall, the S7 Edge gets a not so impressive 3 out of 10 repairability score (the same as the S7). And the score is due to many of the same issues that the S7 has: display removal is necessary to replace the USB port, and getting into the device for repairs is difficult without cracking glass due to adhesives used.

You can check out the full S7 Edge teardown at iFixit here.

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