Traditionally, when it comes to Android developer previews, Google only makes the pre-release software available to the Nexus smartphone and tablet lineup. This year, it’s already broken with tradition by releasing the first developer preview of Android N earlier than usual, and it could throw another curve ball by making a version available to non-Nexus owners.

Thanks to a discovery by Redditor, FUNExtreme, we see that digging in to the code the developer preview ‘program overview’ page, there’s a reference to other OEMS. It seems to suggested that — later in the preview — more devices will be supported, including those “from OEM partners”.

<!– <p>New in the Android N Developer Preview: </p>

<ul> <li> Accompanying Android Beta Program for consumers, starting later in the preview</li> <li> More supported devices, including devices from OEM partners</li> <li> Seamless OTAs for your devices, from initial release to final N release without flashing</li> </ul> –>

It’s worth noting, this could very well be Google playing games with us. After all, it’s not unlike the company to troll us with ‘hidden’ suggestions or information leading up to a major software launch.

It’s also worth noting that it could be a simple reiteration of what the company already told us; that it will be releasing Android N dev preview to OEMs for testing sooner than usual.

When the first developer preview was announced, the company announced that a public beta would be starting later on in the year, and that OEM partners would get earlier access to testing. This doesn’t necessarily mean that customers using these non-Nexus phones will definitely get beta access. Rather, just that manufacturers get to test it earlier than normal, with the aim to roll it out quicker.

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