Nexus Stories December 11, 2019

Strange bugs are all too common on Google’s Pixel devices and right now, an issue with the dialer app is popping up. Some Pixel owners are reporting an issue with the dialer app which won’t bring up the number pad while in phone calls.

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Nexus Stories November 7, 2018

As part of Google’s three-year update plan, the last Nexus devices have now received the final guaranteed OTA update. That means that build number OPM7.181105.004 will be the final official build on both the Nexus 6P and the Nexus 5X and signals the true death of the Nexus line.

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Nexus Stories September 20, 2017

Alongside today’s announcement and launch of Android One in the US, Google’s Project Fi is also introducing a trade-in program that’ll allow users to send in old devices to receive a credit that can be used to purchase a new phone. Based on a new support page, it appears that a similar program is coming to the Google Store, potentially in time for the Pixel 2 launch…

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Nexus Stories September 14, 2017

Last year we reported that Google was planning to launch an Android offshoot internally dubbed Andromeda on a Huawei-made Nexus tablet. The device was indeed prototyped in-house, and we weren’t the only ones to hear about it. At this point, though, we’re told “Andromeda” is shelved, and that the tablet will die without ever being seen by the public.

But we couldn’t help but try to dig up some more details before we close the book entirely on this one…

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Nexus Stories September 11, 2017

As with the release of any major operating system upgrade, there are sure to be bugs that pop up from time to time. With Oreo, we’ve already seen an issue that has enabled mobile data use while on Wi-Fi. The latest bug to be reported is one that disables all mobile data usage when a user has reached the end of their data limit, despite some apps’ data being prorated by the carrier…

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Nexus Stories June 8, 2017

Every smartphone and tablet has an end-of-life date when the manufacturer will stop spending the money and effort to keep it updated. Although some companies don’t actually tell customers when their devices will no longer receive updates, Google guarantees that its Pixel and Nexus devices will get feature updates for at least two years and security updates for three.

Now, Google has updated its Android updates page to clarify how long they will cover both Nexus and Pixel devices with telephone and online support…

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Nexus Stories February 22, 2017


Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL are both fantastic devices, but they aren’t without flaws. Since launch, we’ve seen several issues pop up on the devices, including the speaker and problems with the camera. Google has been able to fix some of those via software updates, but now another issue is popping up ─ random Bluetooth disconnects.

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Nexus Stories February 6, 2017


It wasn’t that long ago that I thought the two smartwatches Google is set to introduce were actually going to be solely Google-branded, just like the Pixel phones. It would make sense with Google’s new hardware division — which is surely but slowly becoming a more serious business — that the Mountain View company would go all-in on smartwatches, offering a top-to-bottom lineup just like Apple.

It very well may have been the plan at one point for these to be “Nexus” watches, but today we learned exactly how they’re not going to be Nexus watches. We already knew that they would be LG-branded, but now we know where the Google comes in: a “Designed with our friends at Google” label. At the very least, this is interesting to consider in the broader realm of Google & OEM partnerships…

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Nexus Stories November 11, 2016

Google Pixel Night Light

Android Nougat brings a lot of new features to the table, but sometimes it’s the little things that really make software great. One of those little things in Nougat was Night Mode. It first popped up in the developer previews and remained hidden just under the surface, but in 7.1, it was blocked completely and left only on Pixel devices.

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Nexus Stories November 7, 2016


It’s the first Monday of the month, and that means it’s time for Google’s monthly slew of security patches. This month is also the first with the Pixel smartphones included. Updates are available now for both Nexus and Pixel owners running 7.0 and 7.1.

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Nexus Stories October 19, 2016


As announced and arriving just in time for the Pixel’s release, the Android 7.1 Developer Preview is now available for the Nexus 5X, 6P, and Pixel C. With Google customizing the software on the Pixel, there were some questions as to what’s exclusive to the new phones and what features are a part of stock Android.

After loading up the developer preview on a Nexus 5X, we’ve found some nice improvements to Android. Keep reading for our complete list of all the changes in Android 7.1.1…

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Nexus Stories October 4, 2016


The Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones have just been announced — and alongside the confirmation of everything we pretty much knew already, various bits of information have arrived regarding the bigger meaning behind what Pixel actually means for Google, and two things stood out in particular…

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Nexus Stories September 9, 2016


Just a couple of weeks ago Google revealed that a Project Fi exclusive feature would be making its way to all Nexus devices. Wi-Fi Assistant allows users to automatically connect to public Wi-Fi networks which Google has determined are fast and secure, even adding a layer of security through a VPN. Now that functionality is rolling out to all Nexus devices, Project Fi or not, in North America and Europe.

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Nexus Stories September 6, 2016

Another source says that Android 7.1 will ship on the upcoming Pixel phones

With just under a month between now and the release of Google’s 2016 “Pixel” devices, we’re continuing to learn more and more about the upcoming smartphones. We’ve known the specs for a while, the designs, and most recently, the names. Just a couple of weeks ago we also heard that Google would be releasing Android Nougat’s first maintenance release along with these phones, and now another source has helped to confirm that…

Nexus Stories September 5, 2016


Amid all the leaks and the pour of information surrounding Google’s upcoming event, there seems to be no shortage of hardware to unveil over at Mountain View. We’ve learned that the smartphone duo is likely to make the switch from “Nexus” to “Pixel”, but apparently there may be something else in the works — and, more precisely, a tablet…

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Nexus Stories September 3, 2016


In this week’s top stories: Samsung recalls some Galaxy Note 7 units due to exploding batteries, new Android devices are unveiled at IFA in Berlin, and Google prepares to launch its new Nexus devices with “Pixel” branding.

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Nexus Stories September 1, 2016


Rumors surrounding Google’s yet-to-be-announced 2016 Nexus phones have been pretty all over the place. We’ve heard a lot, but not all of it has made sense. One early rumor though was that Google was actually planning to drop the Nexus brand on these devices, instead releasing a Pixel device. Since the original report we haven’t heard a ton regarding the use of that name, but tonight Android Police has dropped a bomb on us; Google’s upcoming smartphones will be called the Pixel and the Pixel XL.

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Nexus Stories August 30, 2016


After seven generations of phones, tablets, and set-top boxes, Google is reportedly going to stop using the Nexus brand name. A new report from Android Central corroborates earlier rumors and details a move towards more software customization on upcoming devices.

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Nexus Stories August 24, 2016


Once exclusive to Project Fi, a new data saving Wi-Fi Assistant feature is rolling out to all Nexus devices in North America and some European countries. If you have a Nexus phone, the feature will allow you to easily connect to public Wi-Fi networks that Google has deemed to be fast, with an extra layer of security provided through a VPN…

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Nexus Stories August 22, 2016

Android – Nougat 2016-08-22 12-11-22

Update: Nexus 5X and 6P devices enrolled in the Dev Preview are now receiving a 50MB OTA to Android 7.0. Some Nexus users who have just signed up for the Beta Program are immediately receiving a 1.1GB OTA to the final version of Nougat.

Android 7.0 is a significant update to Google’s mobile OS with multi-window support, redesigned notifications, and many underlying performance optimizations. After the developer preview which dropped earlier this year, Google has today announced that Nougat factory images and OTAs are rolling out today for current Nexus devices and the Pixel C.

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Nexus Stories August 15, 2016


Following the first live images of the 2016 Nexus over the weekend, two HTC-made devices have arrived at the FCC (via Droid-Life) for certification. While we only know for sure that these are HTC devices, there are many signs that these are the upcoming Google phones.

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Nexus Stories August 14, 2016


After getting our first, blurry look at Google’s upcoming Nexus devices, more new images of the alleged smartphone have hit the web. These new images confirm the previously leaked metal and glass design and according to Android Police, this is the smaller of the two devices, “Sailfish”.

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Specs, features, and even renders of this year’s upcoming “Nexus” devices have already been leaked. But until now, the Sailfish and Marlin had yet to be photographed. Now, an anonymous Twitter account has posted an image of a purported 2016 Nexus that looks very similar to previous descriptions and mockups of the device(s)…

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Nexus Stories August 5, 2016


Unlike the Motorola-made super-big Nexus 6, the most recent Nexus phones — the Nexus 6P, and its brother the Nexus 5X — have embraced the traditional unlocked Nexus way of life and have been unavailable to purchase through carriers. That’s seemingly going to change again with the 2016 “Nexus” phones, which according to both a leaked system image and the famed leakster Evan Blass, are going to once again be available locked via carriers such as AT&T and Verizon…

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Nexus Stories August 4, 2016


With the debut of Android Nougat just a few weeks away, more and more leaks are showing us what the latest Nexus phones — and the accompanying version of Google’s mobile OS — will offer. According to the latest leak out of Android Police, Google has a couple more tricks up its sleeve for Nougat including some changes seemingly exclusive to Nexus devices and more…

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In the past few days, a bevy of hardware and software features about this year’s upcoming Nexus devices have leaked. A purported GFXBench benchmark for the smaller Sailfish has surfaced and is consistent with a previous report about the device’s specs. It also reveals the usage of the Snapdragon 820 chip.

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Nexus Stories August 2, 2016


We’ve heard a lot regarding Google’s 2016 Nexus smartphones, however today we’re getting even more details regarding the device. According to Android Police, Google is picking up one of Huawei’s tricks with the fingerprint sensor by allowing users to perform a quick swipe down on the sensor to access their notifications.

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Last night we caught our first glimpse at Google’s upcoming launcher experience for this year’s upcoming Nexus smartphones, however we didn’t get an APK at the time. Thankfully an enthusiastic Nexus fan over on Google+ (post since deleted) has given us a copy of the launcher for your sideloading pleasure.

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Nexus Stories August 1, 2016


Following news of the Nexus Launcher, the new wallpapers that will debut with this year’s Marlin and Sailfish Google devices have leaked (via Android Police). In addition to 15 static images, Google is also working on a number of new live wallpapers with varying animations and functions that will launch with the new Nexus devices.

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Nexus Stories July 25, 2016


No one enjoys getting random, unwanted phone calls, especially on their mobile phone. Thankfully Google is doing something about it, at least for Nexus and Android One users. As long as caller ID is enabled on your device, Google will now give you a clear warning if an incoming call is potentially a spam call.

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Nexus Stories July 8, 2016


In this week’s top stories: Our roundups of the best Android phones and best budget Android phones for July, Pokemon GO’s official release takes over the app charts, Android One launches in Japan, and much more. Head below for these and the rest of this week’s most shared stories.

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A few days ago we told you about a new render that is supposed to accurately depict the aesthetic of HTC’s upcoming Nexus handsets, and now a Redditor has taken those to the next level with some color. The new renders show the phone in red, white, silver, and black…

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Nexus Stories July 6, 2016


According to a report this afternoon out of Android Police, Google is in the process of developing two new Android Wear devices with the company’s recently-announced “assistant” built in. The site’s “multiple sources” say that the watches will be launching sometime later this year (“after the new Nexus phones”), with one being more fully featured and physically larger than the other, more modest offering…

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Nexus Stories July 5, 2016


Last week brought the first concrete rumors about possible specs for this year’s Nexus devices made by HTC — codenamed Sailfish and Marlin. Android Police now has details and the first renders of what the two devices will look like. This year’s phones will seemingly be made of metal with either a glass or plastic rear pane and interestingly only a ‘G’ logo in lieu of Nexus branding…

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Nexus Stories June 30, 2016


It’s expected that Google will debut two new Nexus smartphones later this year, and now a week following the first leak spilling the specs for the smaller of the two devices, Android Police has published a list of specifications for the larger “Marlin” smartphone…

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Nexus Stories June 27, 2016

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Nexus Stories June 26, 2016

nexus 6p

There have been several reports over the last year mentioning Google’s interest in building a smartphone. Although the company does have its own Nexus program to showcase the best the Android platform has to offer (and, at least as was true at first, provide some baseline devices for developers), it still needs to somewhat compromise on hardware here and there by much less directly impacting the engineering process.

However, it looks like this may not remain the case for much longer, with a new report — once again — suggesting that Google plans to launch something much more home-grown than in years previous…

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Nexus Stories June 25, 2016


In this week’s top stories: Specs for the rumored HTC ‘Sailfish’ Nexus device leak, more on the OnePlus 3, Google’s new Prompt two-factor feature, we review Sony’s Xperia X, and much more.

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Nexus Stories June 24, 2016


Ever since the introduction of Material Design, its not-so-new company-wide design language, Google has changed a number of things — like, for instance, its logo — that have affected almost the entirety of its looks.

Most of them were particularly notable on Android — the software keys inside the navigation buttons, for instance, were aesthetically overhauled with Lollipop. But it looks like the company has another redesign of these buttons in mind for later this year…

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Nexus Stories June 23, 2016


HTC is widely believed to be manufacturing this year’s Nexus devices. A number of leaks point to 5- and 5.5-inch devices codenamed Sailfish and Marlin, respectively. Today, a new rumor details the smaller device with specs that would make for a decent upgrade to the Nexus 5X (via Android Police).

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Nexus Stories June 4, 2016


In this week’s top stories: Samsung unveiled new wearables and wireless earbuds this week as hints at the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 surfaced. We also had some more OnePlus 3 announcements and leaks ahead of an official launch, talk of Huawei manufacturing Googles’ next Nexus device, and an interview with Google’s Sundar Pichai discussing Nexus phones and a number of other topics. Head below for the handy links to these and our other top stories from this week.  expand full story

Nexus Stories June 3, 2016


It was just a few days ago that it seemed the Nexus Player had been discontinued, but now it looks like a slightly modified version of the device could be on its way. It doesn’t seem likely to be a “second generation” Nexus Player, but the device’s FCC listing has just received some minor updates — almost two years after it first launched…

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Nexus Stories May 31, 2016


Rumors of an HTC-made Android Wear watch have been tossed around for more than a year now. Before Mobile World Congress last year, many thought that the company would finally launch its offering as it was rumored that the company had a wearable planned to be shown off. In reality, the company launched a fitness wearable made in partnership with Under Armour. That device never even hit the market.

Recently, well-respected leakster Evan Blass suggested that the long-awaited Android Wear offering from the company would finally launch the week of June 6th. Now, the same guy is pulling that claim, suggesting that HTC has delayed its wearable once again — to the fall… expand full story

Nexus Stories May 27, 2016

nexus 6p

Google Photos 1.21 rolled out silently to Android devices this week without any new features. However, a teardown by Android Police reveals that Google is preparing to offer unlimited original quality photo and video backups for Nexus devices. Of course, this is not yet official, but such a feature would provide an even bigger incentive to buy a Google-branded device.

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Nexus Stories May 23, 2016

LG g5 USB-c

As it often happens with new technologies — especially the ones that aim to replace fundamental, widely used parts of our digital devices — the early implementations are often challenged by a series of missteps and various other problems.

The latest concrete example of this is the promising-yet-troubled USB-C, which led to a few controversies as of late. However, it seems, with its latest G5 flagship, LG may be one of the few manufacturers that got it right (via gtrusted)…

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Nexus Stories May 10, 2016


Starting with the Android N Developer Preview, Google began posting OTA images for devices in the program. It is faster than waiting for a staged roll out and less complicated than flashing a factory image that completely wipes data. Google has now posted (via Android Police) OTA images for all devices currently receiving monthly updates.

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Nexus Stories April 28, 2016


A recent Lenovo reshuffle saw long time Motorola head Rick Osterloh leave Motorola. Now, Google (via Re/Code) has confirmed that it just hired Osterloh to lead a new hardware division that encompasses such product lines as Nexus, ATAP, and even Google Glass…

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Nexus Stories April 27, 2016


Earlier this year, many rumors pointed to HTC working on two devices for Google with such features as 3D Touch. More rumors today from Evleaks and Android Police make it more likely that the Taiwanese manufacturer is indeed making this year’s Nexus devices.

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