The Google Drive apps for Mac/PC are receiving a small update today that lets users choose what specific subfolders to sync locally, while an update to the Android app includes a slight tweak to the upload interface.

The updated Mac/PC client lets users choose which Drive subfolders should be synced locally to their computers. In the past, Drive would keep a copy of every file and folder stored in a top-level folder on your hard drive. Users can now go to Preferences > Sync Options to de-select whole folders and save space. You’ll also be able to see the size of each folder in settings.

As Google notes, folders removed from your computer will still remain in Drive. The second update will warn users when they’re about to move a file from a shared folder or delete a file on their computer that has previously been shared with other people.

On Android, file uploads are now shown in the destination folder along with a progress indicator and pause button. Previously, all file uploads would be listed in a general Uploads folder. The Mac/PC update is rolling out over the next week, while many users are already seeing the Android update hit their devices.

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