During elections and other major events, Google Trends usually posts interesting statistics and data visualizations based on search results. While not necessarily reflective of today’s New York primary, Bernie Sanders is leading (via The Hill) Hillary Clinton in search interest and other related terms.

From data gathered in the past 24 hours, Sanders is beating Clinton 62% to 38% in New York search interest for Democratic candidates. The Vermont senator is also beating the former Secretary of State in the specific search term of “How to vote for.” While the search data does not reflect current forecasts for the Democratic primary, it is for Republicans.

Donald Trump is in the lead with 61% search interest for Republican candidates, while Ted Cruz is at 25% and John Kasich at 14%. Trump also leads in “How to vote for” with Cruz and Kasich behind. Google Trends also has an interesting visualization of how Sanders and Trump came to dominate search results since the beginning of the campaign season.

Google Trends also has some more light hearted search data like “New Yorkers who search Hillary Clinton also searched for these recipes.” The data analysis is not just limited to the US and also covers such topics like Brexit, Tax Day fretting, and the recent earthquake in Ecuador. For those interested in big data, the Google Trends Twitter account is an interesting follow.

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