Google Trends Stories July 5

Google Trends email alerts suspended in New Zealand after revealing murder suspect

Email alerts from Google Trends can be a handy way to keep up with a specific topic on the web, but sometimes it can have unintended consequences. This week Google has suspended the Trends email alert service in New Zealand after it inadvertently breached a court order regarding a murder case.

Google Trends Stories May 23, 2018

Google Trends updated w/ simpler design, infographics, & focus on curated data stories

As the name implies, Google Trends is a very useful service for finding what’s popular among users of the Search engine and generating historic term comparisons. Google is today introducing a new design that adds more data features for finding what’s trending, as well as a new focus on editorial content.

Google Trends Stories August 22, 2017

‘Eyes hurt’ Google searches peaked in the US during yesterday’s solar eclipse

While Google Trends only provides a relative snapshot of people’s searches, it is nevertheless a quite interesting view into human behavior. At times, said behavior can be quite frustrating as evident by yesterday’s peak of “eyes hurt” searches on Google.

Google Trends Stories June 24, 2016


Google Trends tells the story of the result of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. Trending searches include a 500% spike in ‘buy gold,’ a doubling in searches on getting an Irish passport and some people apparently wondering what just happened …

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Google Trends Stories April 19, 2016


During elections and other major events, Google Trends usually posts interesting statistics and data visualizations based on search results. While not necessarily reflective of today’s New York primary, Bernie Sanders is leading (via The Hill) Hillary Clinton in search interest and other related terms.

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Google Trends Stories June 17, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 10.47.14 AM

Google has today pushed an update to its Trends product, which it says is the biggest expansion to the search analysis product since 2012. The goal with this update, the company says, is to provide a “faster, deeper and more comprehensive view of our world” through real-time data on everything from the FIFA scandal to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign kick-off.

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