NVIDIA’s Shield Tablet is one of the better Android tablets for many reasons, one of which being that its smaller 8-inch screen allows unoptimized phone apps to look pretty decent. Now, it appears the company may be working on a next generation model according to a new FCC filing (via Liliputing) that features a schematic…

The leaked device seems likely to be a successor to the Tablet K1, as it has a similar form factor and layout. Dimensions-wise, the tablet measures 8.6-inches tall by 4.8-inches wide and is .3-inches thick. For comparison, the Tablet K1 is 8.7-inches by 5-inches and is .4-inches thick. This new tablet weighs 12.3 ounces versus 12.6 ounces for the older model. The diagram appears to show an area for speaker grills on the edges and a hole for the front-facing camera.

Specs-wise, we know the device will support 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy, and has a 5100 mAH battery charged via micro-USB. As its name suggests, the current tablet uses the Tegra K1 chip and it’s likely that the new tablet will use NVIDIA’s latest X1 processor.

Like it’s predecessor, the tablet will likely be very affordable and come with a very lightly skinned version of Android. NVIDIA is quite good at offering updates for its device. Just today the original Shield Tablet received Android 6.0.1, while the K1 received it a month ago. AD_Clear_GS7_728x90[1][1]

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