While one could argue that Google‘s strategy in terms of offering messaging apps is a masterpiece of complexity, the recently launched video calling app Duo is the king of simplicity and stupidproof ease of use. That’s why the company is promoting it with a series of short clips…

The main feature of Duo, “Knock Knock”, consists of a short preview that allows users on the receiving end to take a peek at who’s calling before the call itself actually starts, and Google made sure to show it here.

To make the clips more playful (and indeed Google-y), the Mountain View giant is using personified things like “toothbrush and toothpaste”, “peanut butter and jelly” or “coffee and cream”, thus also reinforcing the idea of a “duo”, and using the hashtag #BeADuo” to complement it, too.

It’s good to note that the devices used in the videos are Android devices (like Nexus) as well as iPhones, so to remind people who Apple‘s smartphone does indeed have its own app — albeit devoid of the said preview feature, unless the receiver is somehow inside the app already.

While the wait for the much-anticipated companion, assistant-powered messaging app Allo eases (hopefully!), you can enjoy Google’s fun spots down below.

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