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May 5, 2017

Following the undoubted success of its latest OnePlus 3 — and, more recently, 3T — devices, OnePlus has broken the silence regarding its phone lineup’s next installment, which has been confirmed to debut this summer under the “OnePlus 5” moniker…

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May 1, 2017

May 16 tipped to be Samsung Pay’s launch date in the United Kingdom

Contactless payments are the future, there’s no doubt about it. Apple and Google know this well, and so does Samsung, which is looking forward to expand its Samsung Pay service beyond the US and the homeland of Korea…

HTC has not been at the top of its game for quite some time now, churning out devices not on par with the competition and, at times, full of questionable choices.

However, its upcoming U 11 flagship is seemingly set to turn things around for the Taiwanese company, and alongside innovative tech we now may have its full — and, yes, competitive — spec sheet (via MySmartPrice)…

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April 25, 2017

If there’s one thing we are sure of, it’s that Samsung knows how to pitch (and sell) a device. Its latest flagship, the Galaxy S8, seems to be no different, and its undoubtedly stellar qualities have made it so that, according to the company (via VentureBeat), US preorders even managed to beat those of last year’s S7

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April 12, 2017

One thing about Samsung is for certain, it goes all-in when it comes to marketing. Remember last year’s building-sized, Galaxy S7 edge-shaped billboard in Russia? Yeah, me too. So of course the Korean giant is doubling down on its efforts this year, this time targeting the UK…

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April 11, 2017

Thanks to an announcement page on its website, Chinese OEM Xiaomi has announced that its next top-of-the-line device, likely to be called “Mi 6“, will be officially unveiled next week, and, more precisely, on April 19…

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Samsung and Sprint launch new mid-range Galaxy J7 Perx with 3300mAh battery, Android Nougat, more

Good news for Sprint customers: Samsung‘s midrange Galaxy J7, which was announced earlier this year, has officially made it through the carrier’s certifications and is due to join Sprint’s offerings as “Galaxy J7 Perx“…

Google’s new ‘Similar items’ feature in Image Search uses machine learning to see products

Have you ever been looking at images on Google Images, notice something interesting (like an object within a specific photo), and wish you could dive deeper and get to know what exactly that object is?

Well, it looks like the folks over at Mountain View did, and as a result they’re rolling out a new feature, “Similar items”, within Google Image Search on both the mobile web as well as Android‘s Google app…

A little over a month ago, Google‘s parent company Alphabet — or, more specifically, its Waymo subsidiary — filed a lawsuit against Uber, which allegedly stole key information with regard to its self-driving technology.

Given that, beyond the lawsuit itself, Uber’s reputation is at stake, the ride-hailing company has tried to deny the accusations and kept things as quiet as possible ever since, but the Mountain View giant doesn’t seem to be exactly on the same page…

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Following complaints from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) regarding its alleged unfairness with regard to compensation between men and women, Google issued a blog post to clarify its position and tell us a little more about how things actually work…

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March 29, 2017

Just like Harman (and, more specifically, AKG) are helping Samsung to step up its audio game, Oculus is the firm’s partner of choice when it comes to VR.

Together, they are today announcing a “renewed” version of the Gear VR headset, which comes with a cool new controller…

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The Galaxy S8 comes with a sweet pair of $99 Harman AKG earbuds in the box

It may sound stupid, but seeing that the headphone jack officially made it to the Galaxy S8 has been a relief. What’s more, however, is that Samsung is willing to take full advantage of the 3.5mm port, with a sweet pair of headphones coming right inside the device’s box…

March 22, 2017

Just a couple of days ago, OnePlus launched a very (very) limited edition of its 3T flagship smartphone, which was only available for 250 lucky individuals who happened to be in Paris and willing to go to the Colette retail store.

Now, the firm is making it a little easier to get your hands on it…

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March 21, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Teaser Video

Little more than a week separates us from the long-anticipated launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, but due to some sort of incontrovertible law, the closer we inch to a device’s release the bigger the leak downpour becomes.

So here’s our latest — and, arguably best — look at the phone yet…

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March 15, 2017

Yesterday we had “confirmation” of the codenames under which the sequels to the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones are being developed over at Google (“walleye” and “muskie”, respectively). However, it looks like the Mountain View firm may have a third device up its sleeve…

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Teaser Video

There have been rumors for quite some time now about Samsung‘s intention to join the AI race and launch a competitor to the likes of Google‘s Assistant, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana along the launch of its upcoming Galaxy S8.

We’d heard its name could be “Bixby,” and thanks to a little snippet, it looks like that will indeed be the case. However, there could be something more regarding what Bixby actually is…

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March 13, 2017

Android is a versatile operating system, everyone knows that. In its various forms, it runs on all kinds of devices, from phones and tablets to smartwatches and even fridges. But have you ever thought about a phone case that uses Google‘s OS? Let alone an iPhone case? Well, it looks like someone has, and that someone is willing to kickstart mass production of the so-called “Eye”

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March 3, 2017


Earlier this week, I spent a few days walking about Barcelona and Mobile World Congress‘ venue, the Fira Gran Via. I headed back to the hotel after the first day of the actual show with strongly mixed feelings. For one, this being my first international fair meant that I could just not let go of the excitement, and the energy and passion so many people bring among those booths is tangible.

On the other, I had to do my job and check out all the new smartphones announced in these past few days, and this is where things got a little uglier. The P10 I first previewed proved to be a big red warning sign of things to come, and although I am not entirely dissatisfied, I definitely can’t say that the products matched the enthusiasm and vibe of the place itself…

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March 2, 2017


Following its press conference at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress, Huawei was kind enough to hand out some units of the just-announced P10 smartphone, one of which I got ahold of. I have been using it ever since, and coming from a Pixel (and a tradition of vanilla or near-stock Android devices before that) I thought I couldn’t help but feel strongly about the EMUI. That, however, didn’t’ turn out to be the case.

So here are a few things I liked about it, and some that, instead, didn’t really click…

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March 1, 2017


I want to put a disclaimer at the very top of this post: I have used the Xperia XZ Premium for about twenty minutes in one of Sony‘s booths at Mobile World Congress, and everything that follows is just a brief recap of my experience combined with my quick chat with the company’s reps. It therefore isn’t meant to give a final judgement by any means — but we know that the product may be of interest for more than a few, so I’m here to tell you what my very first impressions were…

The thing that immediately struck me about the Xperia XZ Premium is… Sony’s philosophy behind it. There were other OEMs are trying to push design boundaries (like LG and most likely Samsung) or deliver overall compelling packages with a few standout features (like Huawei‘s P10 or even BlackBerry‘s KeyOne). Sony, reluctantly, is simply keeping its own path, seemingly looking at the competition uninterested, from afar.

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