Google Duo Stories January 15

Last week, a slightly updated version of Google Duo began rolling out following version 25 in December. Duo 25.1 contains a singular new feature: the ability to finally move around your floating window when in a video call.

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Google Duo Stories January 12

An update to the Google Duo video calling app means that you can now make both audio and video calls to people who don’t have the app installed.

For someone without the app, they will see it as an incoming call with a view of your camera. They are then able to answer it and take part in the call, all without installing the app …

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Google Duo Stories January 8

Amit Fulay, Head of Google Allo and Duo, departs for Facebook

After spending the last 7.5 years at Google, Amit Fulay, most recently Head of Product for Google Allo and Google Duo, has left the search giant for Facebook…

Google Duo Stories December 21, 2017

As we spotted in our teardown earlier this month, Google Duo is working on Google account linking so that users can be reached via email address. The latest version of the video chatting service is now rolling out and preparing alerts to improve the general calling experience.

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Google Duo Stories December 12, 2017

Google’s phone app now lets you start a Duo video call from a regular voice call

Google’s Duo video service is definitely underrated, but the company is pushing it in several ways to get more users interested. Now, users with Google’s own dialer application can start Duo calls with just a tap.

Google Duo Stories December 7, 2017

As we’ve found, Google’s consumer video/audio messaging service is working on features like Google account linking and screen sharing. The latest version of the app is now rolling out with progress on those features underway, as well as the ability to delete your Duo account in settings.

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