Google Duo Stories May 26

Google Duo makes video calls pretty easy, but there’s still a roadblock or two to getting users going. Now, it appears Google Duo is preparing to solve one of those issues by allowing users to make calls without a phone number.

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Google Duo Stories May 8

Work and personal video calling are surging in light of COVID-19, with Google announcing a handful of new Duo features last month to support that demand. Google Duo is soon adding group calling on the web and link sharing, as well as a family mode.

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Google Duo Stories May 7

In recent years, Google’s messaging services have been split between consumer and enterprise. The latter has seen a slew of changes in recent weeks, including a rebrand and expanded availability. That barrier between the two types of apps is now blurring as Google today placed G Suite head Javier Soltero in charge of consumer messaging, and unified both teams.

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Google Duo Stories April 21

Video conferencing has surged due to COVID-19 and the initial focus has primarily been on remote work tools. For Google, its enterprise Meet offering just saw a rebrand and new Gmail integration. The company today revealed similar growth for Google Duo and new features for the consumer calling service.

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Google Duo Stories March 26

As we all work together to practice safe social distancing, we’re finding and adapting ways to replace that personal connection between friends, family, and co-workers, especially through video calling. To help more of us stay connected, Google Duo is expanding its group calling capabilities to allow up to 12 people into a single group call.

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Google Duo Stories March 16

Google Duo creator says today is the biggest for video conferencing in history

As the coronavirus outbreak spreads across the Western world, people are flocking en masse to videoconferencing software to communicate with loved ones and work from home. Now, the creator of Google Duo says that today is “going to be the biggest day for videoconferencing in the history of the Earth.”

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