Google Duo Stories November 3

At the start of August, Google replaced the Duo logo with Meet’s four-colored icon only to bring it back due to user confusion. With the latest update to Google Meet, the Duo icon is once again gone on Android.

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Google Duo Stories September 2

An update to the new, merged Google Meet app last week brought back the blue Duo icon as some people were confused by the transition, which is now continuing with a new account switcher and other changes. 

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Google Duo Stories August 25

In an amusing turn of events today that’s most likely a bug, an update to Google Meet (which was previously the Duo app) on Android brings back the Google Duo icon. As such, you now have two ways to launch the same application.

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Google Duo Stories August 22

In recent days, the Meet merger widely rolled out to Google Duo for Android and iOS. Google is now readying to start the next phase where the Meet icon and name replaces Duo’s following a mobile app update.

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Google Duo Stories August 10

As we spotted earlier this month, Google Meet is adding a “live sharing” feature that “allows all meeting participants to interact with the content that’s being shared,” including YouTube, Spotify, and a handful of games.

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Google Duo Stories August 1

At the start of last month, Google announced that Duo is becoming Meet and adding all of its features over the coming months. Google Duo’s Meet merger is now beginning to roll out on Android. 

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Google Duo Stories July 28

Back in June, Google announced that it was merging Duo with Meet in a migration that’s currently underway. As part of that, Google’s first “Meet” app is now called “Meet (original)” with a different icon.

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Google Duo Stories June 29

Google Meet is set to gain a new feature, “stereo separation” of call audio, ahead of the app being merged with Google Duo.

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Google Duo Stories June 1

In August of 2020, 9to5Google reported that Google was planning to replace Duo with Meet. This development was finally made official today – and will see the app that the vast majority of Android users have installed on their devices get renamed to Google Meet later this year.

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Google Duo Stories March 29

Recent reporting suggested that Google Duo would soon be gaining a handful of features to match Google Meet, but our research suggests otherwise.

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Google Duo Stories February 9

Google Duo debuts Live Sharing, Messages getting inline YouTube previews on Galaxy S22

As part of Galaxy Unpacked, Google announced a handful of first-party app updates that go hand-in-hand with the new Galaxy S22 and Tab S8. This covers Google Messages, Duo Live Sharing, and Voice Access.

Google Duo Stories February 7

Google Duo reaches 5 billion Play Store downloads

Google’s premier video calling app Duo has now surpassed the 5 billion download milestone over on the Play Store.

Google Duo Stories January 12

Android 12 might be the biggest update to the OS for some time, and it appears it has had a knock-on effect with issues and problems cementing a rocky start to life for the update. A prominent issue that some have encountered is an audio bug in Google Duo, which luckily is set to be resolved soon.

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Google Duo Stories December 16, 2021

We broke the news last year that Google was eventually going to replace Duo by making Meet its only video calling service. That remains the case, but the resulting product will be primarily focused on enterprise and is no longer internally pitched to be a merger of the two apps, as Google has no plans to create a dedicated consumer-oriented video offering.

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Google Duo Stories September 16, 2021

Google’s various Material You revamps just keep coming, today with the arrival of Google Duo’s redesign.

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Google Duo Stories August 6, 2021

With Meet getting Google’s full attention over the past year, Duo has not seen a meaningful update in quite some time. Google Duo is soon receiving a homescreen redesign that adds a “New Call” button that hopes to simplify the app.

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Google Duo Stories May 26, 2021

At the end of 2019, Google Duo and WebRTC creator Justin Uberti became a high-ranking engineer for Stadia. The Google Distinguished Engineer announced today that he was joining Clubhouse, the audio social media app.

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Google Duo Stories April 6, 2021

Google has unveiled Lyra, a new technology that allows Duo, and soon other apps, to offer natural-sounding voice chat with as little as 3 kilobytes per second of network bandwidth.

Update: Google has now made Lyra open source for other apps to use.

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Google Duo Stories March 19, 2021

This clever Android TV box has a built-in camera that works with Google Duo

Last year as the COVID-19 pandemic was pushing millions to work from home and quarantine (and, hopefully, they still are), Google took advantage of the flexibility of Android TV to bring Google Duo to the platform. Now, there’s a dedicated Android TV box with a built-in camera that designed to make Google Duo a breeze.

Google Duo Stories January 21, 2021

It seems Google Duo may soon cease to work on uncertified Android devices, following the trend set by the Google Messages app.

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Google Duo Stories January 14, 2021

Samsung devotes a portion of every Unpacked event to talk about its partners, and the Google segment today revealed how Messages is “native” on the Galaxy S21, while you can connect Duo video calls to your TV.

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Google Duo Stories November 23, 2020

Google Duo adds L’Oreal lipstick filter to glam up your video calls

Google Duo’s AR-powered video filters are set to get a little more “glam” with a series of new L’Oreal Paris lipstick filters usable when video calling your friends and family.

Google Duo Stories September 30, 2020

As a part of the first Feature Drop for Google Pixel devices, the company’s Duo app debuted a new feature that automatically keeps the subject of a video in the center of the frame. It’s a neat trick, but it was exclusive to Pixels. Now, Google Duo has expanded auto-framing to Samsung devices.

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Google Duo usage has no doubt skyrocketed thanks to a global pandemic changing the way we communicate, but with a UI refresh late last year we lost a neat “camera off” toggle. Despite being M.I.A for some months, it looks like the option might be returning for some users.

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Google Duo Stories September 17, 2020

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, video calling has reached new heights. As a result, Google recently announced that its Duo calling service would be coming to Android TV soon. Today, the service started rolling out but with a slight catch — it doesn’t fully work yet.

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Google Duo Stories September 15, 2020

For three months in 2018, Google Duo offered built-in screen sharing on Android. After we spotted work on the feature again this June, Google today announced that the capability is coming back to Duo.

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Google Duo Stories August 27, 2020

In addition to Meet adding Chromecast support earlier this month, Google today briefly teased and detailed Google Duo for Android TV. It will let you make video calls from the biggest screen in your home.

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Google Duo Stories August 19, 2020

We detailed last week that Google would eventually replace Duo with Meet. As our report noted, the “pace of Duo development is winding down,” but that a handful of features are still in the pipeline. One of those, captions for video and voice Duo messages, was quietly announced by Google today.

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Google Duo Stories August 14, 2020

With classic Hangouts on the way out, Google today has two video calling apps. However, that is one too many for the company, and sources familiar with the matter tell us that Google Duo will eventually be replaced by Meet.

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Google Duo Stories July 7, 2020

Google Duo for Android rolling out support for 32-person group calls

Since the worldwide pandemic fully hit earlier this year, major companies have been racing to improve their video conferencing and calling tools. Google Duo has seen several upgrades over the past couple of months and, now, the app’s Android version is adding support for 32-person group calls.

Google Duo Stories June 25, 2020

Video calls are booming in 2020, and dedicated home devices are particularly suited for casual conversations. Smart Displays, including the Nest Hub Max, are now adding support for Google Duo and Google Meet group calling.

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Google Duo Stories June 16, 2020

While Meet lately has received the brunt of attention in the video conferencing space, Duo is still around for more personal conversations. After announcing a slew of new features last month, Google Duo is now rolling out support for group calls with up to 32 participants on the web.

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Google Duo Stories June 12, 2020

In 2018, Google Duo for Android briefly had a screen sharing feature that was quietly removed after three months. The mobile app is today working on that functionality again. expand full story

Google Duo Stories June 9, 2020

Google Phone app gains easy access Duo button in contacts view

The Google Phone app is quite effective at being something of a one-stop-shop for getting in touch with your contacts via voice, text, and video. The latest improvement to the Google Phone app beta adds a debatably handy Google Duo button onto the app’s main screens.

Google Duo Stories June 8, 2020

The world as a whole is making more video calls than ever before, and that’s pushing just about every video calling service to up its game. Exactly a month ago, Google announced a slew of new features for Google Duo, including invite links, bigger group calls, and more. Now, invite links are rolling out to users.

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Google Duo Stories May 26, 2020

Google Duo makes video calls pretty easy, but there’s still a roadblock or two to getting users going. Now, it appears Google Duo is preparing to solve one of those issues by allowing users to make calls without a phone number.

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Google Duo Stories May 8, 2020

Work and personal video calling are surging in light of COVID-19, with Google announcing a handful of new Duo features last month to support that demand. Google Duo is soon adding group calling on the web and link sharing, as well as a family mode.

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Google Duo Stories May 7, 2020

In recent years, Google’s messaging services have been split between consumer and enterprise. The latter has seen a slew of changes in recent weeks, including a rebrand and expanded availability. That barrier between the two types of apps is now blurring as Google today placed G Suite head Javier Soltero in charge of consumer messaging, and unified both teams.

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Google Duo Stories April 21, 2020

Video conferencing has surged due to COVID-19 and the initial focus has primarily been on remote work tools. For Google, its enterprise Meet offering just saw a rebrand and new Gmail integration. The company today revealed similar growth for Google Duo and new features for the consumer calling service.

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Google Duo Stories March 26, 2020

As we all work together to practice safe social distancing, we’re finding and adapting ways to replace that personal connection between friends, family, and co-workers, especially through video calling. To help more of us stay connected, Google Duo is expanding its group calling capabilities to allow up to 12 people into a single group call.

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Google Duo Stories March 16, 2020

Google Duo creator says today is the biggest for video conferencing in history

As the coronavirus outbreak spreads across the Western world, people are flocking en masse to videoconferencing software to communicate with loved ones and work from home. Now, the creator of Google Duo says that today is “going to be the biggest day for videoconferencing in the history of the Earth.”

Google Duo Stories March 7, 2020

Sunday, March 8 is International Women’s Day and Google is celebrating with a homepage Doodle that features a multilayered 3D paper mandala animation. The unique design is meant to convey “women coming together throughout the world—and generations.”

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Google Duo Stories February 28, 2020

Google Duo appears to be preparing to add support for live text captions for incoming video and audio messages on mobile devices.

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Google Duo Stories February 11, 2020

During the Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung has announced that it’s going to deeply integrate Google Duo video calling with its phones starting with the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip.

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Google Duo Stories February 7, 2020

Google is prepping to launch picture-in-picture video calls for Google Duo on the web, according to a source familiar with the matter. That means you’ll soon be able to make Duo calls and do other things on your computer at the same time.

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Google Duo Stories January 27, 2020

Google Duo is one of the company’s more popular efforts in messaging, and over time, the app has been built out to include more features. Today, Google is bringing “Notes” to Duo, and, no, it’s not another messaging service.

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Google Duo Stories January 22, 2020

Without a doubt, the best video calling app on Android, and one of the closest competitors to Apple’s FaceTime, is Google Duo. We’ve uncovered evidence that Samsung is working on integrating Google Duo directly into the Samsung Messages app for Galaxy devices.

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Alongside the Galaxy S20 next month, Samsung is expected to debut its second foldable phone. The Galaxy Z Flip folds horizontally unlike the Galaxy Fold, and apparently, that will allow the device to lock at a 90-degree angle for some camera apps.

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