Google Duo Stories December 5

Google uses the Pixel Tips app to introduce you to the latest features of your Pixel phone. Today, the app has been updated with new information about upcoming features for Google Pixel phones, like Cards & Passes, automatic Call Screen, and portrait mode in Google Photos, along with some that are already beginning to arrive, like the Recorder app for older Pixels.

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Google Duo, WebRTC creator Justin Uberti now leading Stadia engineering in Seattle

Getting AAA games to stream over the internet is a monumental engineering effort that’s made possible by several years of advancements. One of those is WebRTC, and its creator is now joining Stadia to head engineering.

Google Duo Stories November 26

Google Duo started as a simple video calling app which, as it’s gotten more popular, has also integrated many new features. Now, it appears Google Duo is testing an updated UI for calls which places functions along a bottom bar.

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Google Duo Stories November 20

Scooby-Doo is returning to movie theaters in May of next year, and well ahead of that movie’s launch, Google Duo is joining in on the fun with some new effects.

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Google Duo Stories October 28

Google Duo has added three brand new video filters for your video calls just in time for Halloween and Diwali.

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Google Duo Stories October 23

Google’s Messages for web client now features integration with Google Duo. Recently rolled out, this matches functionality in the Android app, and allows you to quickly place a call from a text conversation.

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